Review: Forage, Salt Lake City

There is something amazing about a restaurant where the chef/owner plays an active and defining role day after day and year after year. Forage is the epitome of this example where chefs/owners Viet Pham and Bowman Brown dedicate their days and their lives to the creation of some of the finest pieces of art/food this city has ever seen.

Last night we paid our second visit to Forage and were blown away by the presentation, quality and creativity of the food we were presented. It was amazing, delectable, beautiful, creative, fresh, earthy and so much more I can’t find words to describe it. Being rated the best restaurant in City Weekly was an honor this establishment truly deserves.

Because the menu changes seasonally I will not go into the detail of dish served and only describe the overall tone of the meal served.

In every dish you will find a combination of flavors and textures that will delight and tantalize every corner of your mouth, every taste bud and every sense. To say the food here is an experiment is wrong. It is a well thought out plan to bring you the delight of the food from it’s inception as a seed, it’s journey through the earth to the growth as a plant and then bring the flavors to your mouth that signify it’s journey. It is done precisely and not experimentally.

Service is gracious, detailed and the servers know and have tried every item they serve. The wine pairings are well selected and right on. You can also count on at least two visits to your table by Viet or Bowman or both, as they also delight in presenting you with their food.

Forage is a lost art, a delight in Salt Lake City and the pride of it’s owners and it shows. Don’t miss this restaurant, it is worth your time and your money.

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